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Why A Custom Jet Kit?

Pilot-Main Jets
We at PjMotorsports Believe that A Jet Kit should be
designed to fit your application as close as possible
We recommend that you document the sizes of your
pilot jets, needle jets, needles, main jets even your needle valve of
your carburetor.
With this information, we can create a custom jet kit to fit
closer to your application
We will put together a kit with 2 pilot jets, 3 main jets larger and 3 smaller
than what you have for each carburetor.
This will allow you to change jets for your modifications to your bike or for altitude or temperature changes.
Needles-Needle Jets
For needles and needle jets, these items will differ according to the
modifications of your bike.

If necessary Mikuni recommends changing the needle jet before changing needles.
If necessary Keihin recommends changing the needles before changing the needle jets.
We hope this information will help.

So let us put together a Kit for you
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