Our Velocity Stacks Are Made From .063 to .080 Aluminum and are Brushed Finished 
"NEW" Polished Stainless Steel
All Hand Made In the
Single Velocity Stack For Edelbrock - Holley or any 5 1/8' Base Carburetor
Item # Price
Brushed Aluminum
Velocity Stack
Item #PJM-VS9
There are 2 Types of Filters For this Velocity Stack
#1 Simple filter fits inside as seen in center photo.  $19.95ea
#2 Custom 8" Filter Snaps on to the top of the Velocity Stack as shown in the side Photos. $149.95  Item #PJM-8"
#3 PJM-PF8 Outterwears Prefilters are available only as a special order.
All Velocity Stacks
& Filters
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USPS Expedited Priority
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Velocity Stack Filter
Simple Screen filter fits inside  $19.95 each or $39.90 Per Pair
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Call  503-873-8992
Brushed Aluminum Velocity Stacks
Item # VS6  $179.95 Per Pair
Plus Shipping $21.95
Single Stack
Only $89.95
Custom Dual Filter Item # PJM-F-EDL  $189.95
This is a Dual Carb Setup
Velocity Stacks for Edelbrock & Holley Type Carburetors
Item #s Price
These Velocity Stacks Are held down By a 1/4" all thread center bolt
Velocity Stacks
Item # PJM-VS8   $189.95 Per Pair

Plus $21.95 Shipping
Single Velocity Stack
Only $99.95ea

Simple Screen filter fits inside as seen in center photo above.
Item # PJM-SF $19.95ea

Velocity Stacks for Dominator Carburetors
Filters For This Velocity Stack
are a Custom Order
Item # Price
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"Something New"
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Polished Stainless Steel Dual Velocity Stacks
Item #PJM-VS6SS $419.95 Per Pair SS Velocity Stacks
Single Stainless Velocity Stack
Only $210.95 ea.
Priority Shipping $21.95
Polished Stainless Steel
Velocity Stack 
Item # PJM-VS9SS $199.95 each
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"Limited Stock"
Polished Stainless Steel Velocity Stacks
Joe's Awesome GTO
Neal's Classic Truck
Simple Inside Screen

Return Policy
Velocity Stack Dimensions:
5" or 127mm Tall
4.25" or 102mm OD on the  Bell End
2 5/8" or 66.6mm ID on the Carb End
1 Velocity Stack Only
Part # PJM-VS-17Strom $49.95 ea.

4" Silicon Injected Filter Only
PJM-F-4.25" $42.95

5" Outterwear Prefilter Only
PJM-PF5  $21.95

Plus Shipping Priority $12.95
Part # Price
PayPal or Credit Card
Each Velocity Stacks Includes Clamp
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For Single & Dual Dominator Carburetors

For Stromberg Carburetors
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!!Coming soon!!  6" Metallic Filters  Same as on the Velocity Stacks & filters Page
!!Coming soon!!  8" Metallic Filters  Same as  on the Velocity Stacks & Filters Page
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