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We here at PJMotorsports have been monitoring
the Ethanol Problem. Recently we heard that our gas ( by the help of our government) will contain up to 15% Ethanol.     
This means if you park your Motorcycle, ATV, Jet Ski, Go Kart, ETC. For longer than 3 to 4 weeks, FUNNY LITTLE things start to GROW in your Carburetors & fuel systems. This you may already know. This means we sell more carb rebuilding kits, needle valves.

NOW You Have 3 choices:
1. Drain your carbs completely and blow them dry.
    Leave NO gas residue in the carburetor.  or
2. Add 
STAR * TRON  Enzyme fuel treatment to           
   your Gas. or
3.We will sell you more parts for your carburetors.
              "To us this is not a joke."
Find out more about Starbrites-Star*Tron
Visit their Web Site
They have a Product for Diesel Also