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What does this mean regarding Keihin and Mikuni Carburetors?

When Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and other motorcycle manufacturers want to build a Motorcycle/ATV, they contact Keihin or Mikuni for the Carb. They say we need a specific carb jetted and tuned for this new bike. We need it to meet these specifications. Although the carb looks and smells the same as a Performance Up Grade Carb that we sell , the components and part numbers may be different at the request of the Motorcycle/ATV manufacturer. The Carb manufactures hold those specific components only for that Motorcycle/ATV manufacturer retail stores.  What does this mean to you? If you own one of these OEM Carbs,  you can only purchase the parts from the Motorcycle/ATV Company. Why is this done by the Motorcycle/ATV manufacturers? To keep the prices inflated for these parts and to be the only one's who can get them. One big downfall is, once they discontinue these OEM Carb parts, YOU the consumer  are not able to repair these Carbs.

Now what can YOU do???

We at PJMOTORSPORTS.com recommend the following regarding Your Carbs & Parts:

#1 Replace your OEM Carb with a similar (manufacture, type and size) carburetor.  This is called a “Performance Upgrade Carb”. Our Performance Upgrade Carbs are GENUINE  Mikuni or Keihin, manufactured in Japan by the same manufacturers that the Motorcycle/ATV manufacturers use. The Carbs sold by PJMOTORSPORTS.com are NOT After Market Knock-off’s. Many After Market Knock-Offs are being manufactured in China and are advertised as Mikuni or Keihin…BUT ARE NOT GENUINE! BEWARE of these Knock-off’s. This also includes Jets & other parts.
“Performance Upgrade Carbs” Do not affect the Class of Bike in regards to the Racing Circuit. Side by side the OEM and the Performance Upgrade Carbs may look identical. When you replace your OEM with a “Performance Upgrade Carb”, parts will be easy to purchase from many sources including PJMOTORSPORTS.com. 

#2 If you want to modify your bike then contact PJMOTORSPORTS.com to up grade to the Performance Upgrade Carb. We will match a New Carb according to  your modifications.     

#3 You KEEP with your existing carb and try to buy your parts from your local Motorcycle/ATV company store, Honda, Kawasaki etc. You will PAY the price, IF they have the parts. This information comes from Our Customer like you have had those problems.

We Hope this information will help you to understand what OEM means.
If you have any  questions email us at: support@pjmotorsports.com

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