Carburetor Cleaning
& Rebuilding Service
*  Rack of 4 carbs Keihin or Mikuni (VM,CV)
    $300.00+ Parts & Shipping

*  Rack of 4 FCR-CR & RS Smoothbore Carbs
    $300.00+ Parts & Shipping

*  Single Keihin FCR, FCR MX, HSR, All Pumper Carbs
    $150.00 + Parts & Shipping

*  Single Carbs Mikuni and Keihin PWK,PE,PJ,PE VM,TM,TMX
    $150.00 + Parts & Shipping
Offering motorcycle/dirtbike/atv/scooter/Carburetor Cleaning and Rebuild. You can send your carbs to us. We will contact you as to the condition of your carburetors.  The turn around time is about 7 to 10 days Plus shipping. We clean 2 and 4 stroke carbs.
For UPS or Fed X Shipping
4438 Forest Ridge Rd. NE
Silverton, OR. 97381
Contact Us At 503-873-8992 or

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Ship Your Carburetors USPS To:
P.O.Box 1408
Silverton, Oregon  97381
Return Policy
NOTE: Any Carburetors left at PJMotorsports for repair and not paid for after 45 days will be Junked and thrown away. At that time PJM would have tried many times to contact our customer through their E-mail. Please Contact Us