Carburetor Cleaning
& Rebuilding Service
*  Rack of 4 carbs Keihin or Mikuni (VM,CV)
    $150.00+ Parts & Shipping

*  Rack of 4 FCR-CR & RS Smoothbore Carbs
    $150.00+ Parts & Shipping

*  Single Keihin FCR, FCR MX, HSR, All Pumper Carbs
    $75.00 + Parts & Shipping

*  Single Carbs Mikuni and Keihin PWK,PE,PJ,PE VM,TM,TMX
    $65.00 + Parts & Shipping
Offering motorcycle/dirtbike/atv/scooter/Carburetor Cleaning and Rebuild. You can send your carbs to us. We will contact you as to the condition of your carburetors.  The turn around time is about 7 to 10 days Plus shipping. We clean 2 and 4 stroke carbs.
For UPS or Fed X Shipping
4438 Forest Ridge Rd. NE
Silverton, OR. 97381
Contact Us At 503-873-8992 or

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