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How About Dual Edlebrocks On that Harley
How About 200MPH James at the Salt Flats?
What in the World Is this work of Art " Lapointe "?
All I Can Say Is   WOW   & It has our Velocity Stacks Thanks Mike Wild
     Kawasaki  Drifter 800 (Vulcan)
Don't Our Velocity Stacks Look Cool?
Sweet Shelby 289
Well Hawk,  Easy Rider Would Be Proud
With Our Velocity Stacks this thing does wheelies at 80 MPH
Watch Out Salt Flats Here they Come ! ! !
A Rat With Stacks   WOW ! ! ! !
GSXR Air Box ??? With Velocity Stacks & Filters ???
Wontoon Wonder V-12 Jag with Custom PJM Metallic Filters
A Beautiful Indian Bobber
What a Craazy Woody - Surfs Up - with Stacks & Filters?????
What A Wild Mustang Gary - Does it get good Gas Milage?  LOL
Raidermotorsports.com.au "WOW"  Maurice's work of Art
Another Jewel   "OH MY"  Great Job Rodger
Great Job Buckey Very Clean
Josh What a Clean Machine - Great Job
Randy's Clean Machine
OH MY!   Its Joe's GTO
Jake's Super Bike
Special Modified Throttle Body With PJM Velocity Stack
Patrick,  This a Mustang?
Neals Sweet Blue Truck
" Yes " This is a Custom Indian-  WOW
"Great Job Don"
V&A Spiteri Jaguar Specialists
Victoria, AU.
WOW Gary Beautiful Bike
Great Job Charle Brown
Dominator Short Stack PJM-VS8SH
Stacks Don't Fit ?  Stagger Them
WOW How about PANTERA TURBOS With PJM Filters
Another Award Winning Race Car  Great Job Joe Carlton
Wow Jake Thats One Super Drag Bike