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Velocity Stack For Edelbrock - Holley or any 5 1/8' ID Base Carburetor
Item # Price
6" Tall Velocity Stack
Part #PJM-VS9
Price $129.95ea.
Filter Options
Optional #1

Simple Screen filter fits inside as seen To The right   Part# PJM-SF $21.95ea
Option #2
   2 Simple screen filters with 1/4" Foam between
Part# PJM-SF2  $41.95
Option #3
8" Metallic Filter
Part# PJM-MF-8 
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These Velocity Stacks Are held down By a 1/4" all thread center bolt
Full Size Velocity Stacks
Part# PJM-VS8-2   $289.95 Per Pair
Item # Price
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Polished Stainless Steel Velocity Stacks
Fits PJM Small Block Velocity Stacks
Special Order
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#1 Velocity Stack Dimensions:
5" or 127mm Tall
4.00" or 101.6mm Bell End
2.625" or 67mm ID on the Carb End
Stack Only Part# PJM-STRM-1 or
For the Kit  Part# PJM-STRM-1-kit
Stromberg Velocity Stack Kit
Incl. 1 Velocity Stack - Metallic Filter
& Clamp  Part# PJM-STRM-1-kit $97.95

Stromberg Velocity Stack Kit
Incl. 1 Velocity Stack - Metallic Filter
& Clamp  Part# PJM-STRM-2-kit $97.95

1 Velocity Stack
Part # PJM-STRM-1 $59.95 ea.
2.625" ID Base

1 Velocity Stack
Part # PJM-STRM-2 $59.95 ea.
2.30" ID Base

4" Metallic Filter
PJM-MF-4.00" $44.95

Plus Expedited Shipping Priority
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Each Velocity Stack Includes Clamp
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These guy's have put a lot of time and money into their Projects Also using our Velocity Stacks and Filters
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For Our Mopar Style Velocity Stack Special

For Single Edlebrock Carburetors

For Dual Edlebrock Carburetors

For Single & Dual Dominator Carburetors

For Stromberg Carburetors

For Poly Foam Filters
For Questions About this Product Call 503-873-8992
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Specifications: Base ID =5 3/16"+or -  Height = 2"   Bell End =7" OD
1/2" Center mounting bar, with 1/4" All thread to the carburetor.
Material= .080 Aluminum Metal Spun


Option #1:Simple Screen Part#  PJM-SF  $21.95ea.

Option #2    2 Screens  with 1/4" Foam insert
Part# PJM-SF2  $39.95ea
Option #3  7" Metallic Screen Filter
Part # PJM-MF-7" $89.95ea.
Item# Price
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Full Size
Velocity Stacks for Dual Dominator Carburetors
For Small Block Manifold where space is limited
Mopar Stack with
Simple Screen Filter
Part# PJM-SF2  $39.95
Optional #4 Filter
  8" Metallic Screen Filter
Part# PJM-MF-8
$99.95 ea.
Made Here in The USA
Stromberg #97
#2 Velocity Stack Dimensions:

5" or 127mm Tall
4.00" or 101.6mm Bell End
2.30" or 58.4mm ID on the Carb End
Stack Only Part# PJM-STRM-2 or
For the Kit  Part# PJM-STRM-2-Kit

Velocity Stack For Holley Single or Dual wide Body Manifolds with Dominator Carburetors
9.50" Top Bell 6" Tall
3"Short Dominator Velocity Stack
Part# PJM-VS8-SH  Price $119.95

3"Short Dominator Velocity Stack COMBO
With 3" Extension
Part# PJM-VS8-Combo  $199.95
Brushed Finished
Simple Screen Optional
Filter Options:
Option #1  1Filter
1 Simple Screen Part # PJM-SF $21.95

Option #2   1-Filter
2 Simple Screens with 1/4" Foam insert Between the Screens
Part # PJM-SF2  $41.95ea.

3" Tall Velocity Stack   
Price $119.95
3" Tall With 8" Bell Velocity Stack
with Simple Screen (
not included)
What a Ride Joseph
Item# Price
For Questions About Our Filter System
              Call  503-873-8992

       Email Us At
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Foam Filter Dimensions

6" in Dia. X 1/2" Thick Part#PJM FM6-.5
Price $ 9.95

6" in Dia. X 1/4" Thick
Part#PJM FM6-.25
Price $ 9.95

8" in. Dia. 1/2" Thick
Price $ 9.95

8"in. Dia. 1/4" Thick
Price $ 9.95

Do You Need "EXTRA" Protection With Your Velocity Stack Kit?
The NEW PJM- Poly Foam Filter is the Answer.

The Idea of the Velocity Stack is to "Cram Air" into the carb.
Add more horse power... Win more Races!
Our Less Restrictive Filters allows more air into the carbs!!

To clean your filters, simply wash with dish soap & water, rinse & dry.
Racers have extra filters so they can replace them during their races
This allows for the maximum protection with maximum air flow
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Staggered Stacks to fit Hood Cool Idea
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Are Those 5 gallon Buckets on that Engine WOW
3" Short Dominator Stack
Simple Screen not included
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Full 6" Tall Velocity Stacks
Part# PJM-VS6  $349.95 Per Pair

Full 6"Tall Velocity Stack Single
Part#PJM-VS6-S $179.95

3"Tall Velocity Stack Per Pair
Part# PJM-VS6-SHT $229.95 Per Pair

3" Tall Velocity Stack Single
Part#PJM-VS6-SHT/S $119.95ea.
Plus Shipping
Item # Price
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These Velocity Stacks are for single Holley or Edelbrock with Narrow Profile
Made in the USA
Questions Call 503-8738992
Filter Options
Option #1

Simple Screen filter fits inside             For 1 Part# PJM-SF $21.95ea
Option #2
   2 Screens with 1/4" Foam between
For 1 Carb Part# PJM-SF2  $41.95ea.
Option #3
  Single 6" Metallic Filter
Part# PJM-MF6  Price $79.95ea.
Velocity Stacks for Edelbrock & Holley Type Carburetors
Velocity Stacks For Holley & Edelbrock
With Small Block Manifolds
What a Boat Engine
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Filters not Incl.
ALL Velocity Stacks / Filters
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Brushed Finished
Brush Finished
WOW Something NEW from PJM for
the Holley Dominator Carbs.
These are Special Order Only Contact
9" Tall Stack First Ever
WOW Fantastic Job
PJM-VS9 Stacked
Single  PJM-VS8  $134.95
This Photo Shows VS9 SHT
Velocity Stacks With Option #4 8" Metallic Screen Filter
MOPAR STYLE Velocity Stack
Part # PJM-VSMP $119.95 ea.
Filter NOT Included
Brush Finished

3" Tall or 6" Tall

PJM-VS 6 With MF-6"      PJM-VS 6 With SF or
                                         Simple Screen Filter
Please Note: With the new carburators
We can Provide a 5/16" allthread and hole in the flat bar. Please contact
WOW Something NEW from PJM for
the Holley Dominator Carbs.
These are Special Order Only Contact
NEW Special Holley Dominator Stacks
These are Special Order Due to the different Size of your Carburetors.
Velocity stack size
Standard Size 2" Tall - 3" Bell - Base is 2.48" + or -OD
To fit inside of carburator port.
Tall  size is 3" Tall - 2.75 Bell - Base is 2.48" + or - OD for smaller carbs.
Note: Bell End will need to be shaved no matter which stacks you use. So to fit side by side.
Or Call Paul 503-873-8992