Please Check these flange Dimentions with your carb.
Brass Screens Optional

Optional: 5" Prefilter
Part# PJM-PF-5  $24.95
Item# Price
Velocity Stack Kit Includes:
Standard Aluminum Velocity Stack
2" Tall Velocity Stack With 5" Bell &
STD. 5" Metallic Filter Stainless Screens
=  $159.95
For Powder Coating this Kit  Special Order

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For CV Velocity Stacks
Call 503-873-8992
Large FCR Carburetors
Our Velocity Stacks use the Designated O-ring to seal the carb as it was intended
The external air jets are sealed in the Velocity Stack & Filter
These Stacks
Fit FCR 35-41mm Carbs
Stacks come in 3 Heights - Tall 3" - Short 2" - Now the Mini 1 3/8" Short
When Ordering your Stacks Check For Bell Clearance
     FOR DUALS & RACKS Change                      ORDER to 2 or 4 at check out cart

               FCR 35-41mm Velocity Stack 2" Short
With 2.75" Bell
               Part # PJM-VSF1  $59.95ea

               FCR 35-41mm Velocity Stack 3" Tall
With 2.75" Bell
               Part # PJM-VSF2  $59.95ea

                FCR 35-41mm Velocity Stack 1 3/8" Mini
       With 2.50" Bell
               Part # PJM-VSF3  $59.95ea

               2.75" Metallic Filter
               Part # PJM-MF-2.75"  $39.95ea

                2.50" Metallic Filter
               Part # PJM-MF-2.50"  $39.95ea

               Part # 021-439A  $8.95ea

               (2) Mounting Screws   
               Part # 021-012   $8.95 pair

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For Large & Small FCR Velocity Stacks
Item # Price
About Our Velocity Stacks & Filters

Each Velocity Stack / Filter is custom manufactured to the highest level of quality. Our commitment to our customers is to provide the best product on the market!
The stack filters will ensure optimum performance of Your:
Custom Hot Rod -  Race Car - MX Bike - ATV - Street Bikes - Race Bikes
Carts - Micros' -  Midgets

Available in low-profile style & features a Lip Lock retaining ring.

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Custom Filters - Made in the USA                             
         Order Your
            Size             Item #    
     3" Diameter    PJM-PF3
     4" Diameter    PJM-PF4
     5" Diameter    PJM-PF5
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Maximum Air-Flow
Deflects Debris
Protects Engines

Water - Snow & Ice  Repellant

Your Metallic Screen Filter is Great Protection  BUT!
If You Run into some Bad weather  rain-dust or other put on your Pre filter . Keep one in your fanny pack.
Keihin Super BN Velocity Stacks For Super Carts & Super Jet Skis
Velocity Stacks Only
Part# PJM-VSBN-2.5= 2.5" Tall, 3.5" Bell-VS-ID=1.82"+- or 46mm Price $59.95ea.
Metallic Filter Part #= PJM-MF3.50" Price $44.95ea. 
4"PJMotorsports  Prefilter Part # PJM-PF-4" Price $24.95ea.
Flange Dim.
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Part# Price
These Rare Velocity Stacks and Filters Fit The  Edelbrock Carburetors
found on the Harley's and Other Bikes
Edelbrock Flange
Part # Price
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Velocity Stack
3 " Tall - 3" Bell
Part # PJM-VS-22
USE VS7 Stack Mandrel

3 " Metallic Filter  $39.95
Part#  PJM-MF-3"

4" Prefilter
Part #  PJM-PF-4"
3 Bolt Holes are 2.06" Center to Center + 3 Vent Holes as you see.
PJMotorsports Stocks many different Flanges
which in most cases are laser cut. We then try to match a velocity stack in which we stock. If no match your order becomes a custom order.
Delordo Flange
Keihin CV Flange
Inside dimensions are cut larger to accept the thickness of the velocity stack
Old School Look For Fuel Injection
Throttle Bodies
Quick Find

Harley Davidson Fuel Injected Velocity Stacks

Harley Davidson Keihin CV & CVK Velocity Stacks

Velocity Stacks for Zenith & Keihin Carburetors

Velocity Stacks for Keihin FCR Carburetors

Pre Filters
Mikuni/Solex Velocity Stacks

Harley Davidson Edelbrock Velocity Stacks

Velocity Stacks for Super BN Carburetors

Misc. Flanges & Drawings

Flanges For Englese Throttle Body

Important Velocity Stack Information
Important Velocity Stack Information:
Velocity Stacks have been proven scientifically and mechanically to give up to 10 to 15% more power. Those that have been successful have done their homework and retuned their machines to make their Velocity Stacks work. This includes carburetion and pipes. You will have more air in and more exhaust out. Remember No Air restriction.

SMALL Flange for Inglese Throttle Bodies Velocity Stacks
Don't Forget You need O-Rings
Important: Due to the shipping amounts on each Checkout button, the total may add up. Please:  Your shipping total will be adjusted here at PJM. To the proper amount.                        Thank You. 
Made Here in The USA
ALL Velocity Stacks / Filters
Must Choose Priority Shipping
At Check Out
International Orders - Must Contact PJMotorsports For Shipping cost
LARGE Flange for Inglese Throttle Bodies Velocity Stacks
Optional Flange for throttle Bodies and 90' Elbows
We NOW Have Black Powder Coating With Brass Screen or Stainless Screen
Special Order Call 503-873-8992
PJMotorsports Has a 4.5" or 114mm Tall Velocity Stack with a 3.5" or 89mm  Top Bell
Hand Made Here in the USA

Small Flange
Part# PJM-VS-ENGS  $59.95 ea.

Large Flange
Part #PJM-VS-ENGL $59.95 ea.
Part# Price
Englese Flange
Englese Velocity Stacks
4.5" Tall X 3.5" Bell End X 2" ID at the Flange
Harley Throttle Body Flange Prior 2018
Harley Throttle Body Flange 2018 on
Before 2018
Option #1
  Velocity Stack & Filter For Throttle
Body Prior to 2018 (Verify Your Flange Dimensions & pattern below)
Velocity Stack Dimensions: 2" Tall, Bell 5", Base 2.46" ID -  5" Metallic Filter Stainless Screen (see Photo to Left)
Part# PJM-VSHITB-1   Price $159.95
Not Powder Coated
Harley Velocity Stack Kits
2018 On
Option #2
Velocity Stack & Filter For Throttle
Body 2018 ON (Verify Your Flange Dimensions & pattern below)
Velocity Stack Dimensions: 2" Tall, Bell 5", Base 2.57" ID -  5" Metallic Filter Stainless screen
Part# PJM-VSHITB-2   Price $159.95
Not Powder Coated
Questions?  Call PJMotorsports 503-873-8992
Powder Coated Brass Velocity Stack
Filter: Brass Screen with Black Heavy Overlay
Special Order  Call
Custom Options:

Powder Coated Velocity Stacks & Filter Rings.
Brass Screen Only in Filter.
Stainless Screen in Filter
Brass Screen With Heavy Overlay Powder Coated.
Many Variables
YOU Design Your VS  
All Metallic Velocity Stack & Filter
Special Flanged Velocity Stacks - Fits
Some Zenith & Keihin Carbs on Harleys
Velocity Stack Dimensions are:
V/S Base ID=1.87"
Flange Base ID= 1.98"
Bell- 5" OD
Tall= 2"
Velocity Stacks & Filters

2" Tall Velocity Stack Only
Part# PJM-VSZE-5"  $69.95ea.

5" Screen Filter Only
Part#  PJM-MF-5"  $69.95

5" Prefilter
Part# PJM-PF-5  $24.95ea.
CAS-4 Carb For Harleys
Part# Price
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This is a flanged Velocity Stack For this carb. Finished ID Is 1.88"+or - to fit the ID of this carb. 47.7mm
Flanged Velocity Stack Specification:

Stack is 2.25" Tall  or 57mm
Bell is 3.34"  or 85mm
Base ID 1.88" +or- 47.8mm
Part# PJM-VS-M/S   Price $59.95ea.
Item# Price
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Filters For the Mikuni/Solex Carb
Standard Screen Filter
As shown in Carb Photo above
Part# PJM-MF 3.38" @ $44.95ea.
Photos indicate style only not size of filter for the Mikuni/Solex Carbs
Finished Dim.=1.88"ID
Questions Call Paul @ 503-873-8992
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Something Special for Your Harley Throttle Body
Questions: Please Call 503-873-8992
Flange for Special Throttle Body
Jet Ski Velocity Stack and Flange

Sample of Velocity Stack Option #1
Samples of Our Custom Filters
VS 46mm
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O-Ring is Now a Gasket
Part# 021-439A
Special Order Stacks